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Lifestyles Condoms has conducted research into the average length and circumference of the erect penis during Spring Break in Cancun and found that the average penis length is 5.877 inches, with the majority ranging between 5.5 inches and 6.3 inches. The average girth is 4.972 inches, with the majority ranging between 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches.

From March 11 to 17, 2001 a total 401 males over the age of 18 were measured, one at a time, by qualified medical staff (protected by Ansell Medi-Touch gloves) in private tents at the Dady Rock nightclub in Cancun, Mexico. Of the 401 men, 300 were able to gain an erection for measurement – a success rate of only 75%.

The Lifestyles Condoms Penis Size Survey was designed to create a better condom, to ensure that they are sized properly, comfortable and won’t slip.


The following strict criteria, was enforced by a doctor and a team of four nurses, who consistently attended each of the seven nights of this penis size research.

Measuring of Length was from the point at the base of the erect penis where the top of the penile shaft meets the pubic area to the tip of the glans (”head”). For uncircumcised men the foreskin was retracted. Measuring of Girth was at mid-shaft around the circumference of the penis when the penis was erect. Failure to gain an effective erection for measurement disqualified the volunteer from being included in the data for the calculation of average erect penis length and girth.


The research was conducted at Dady Rock nightclub in Cancun, Mexico during Spring Break 2001. The majority of participants were U.S. college men but it was not limited to this group. Volunteers were asked to enter a private area where they would gain an erection and then call for the two qualified nurses to measure their erect penis. To ensure the accuracy of the data, each erect penis was measured by two of the nurses. A doctor supervised the nurses and all activity. Volunteers tended to be groups of friends, which helped ensure a wide range of penis sizes (big and small) and provide us with a more accurate average figure.


401 male volunteers of which, only 300 were “effective” male volunteers (75%), as 101 male volunteers (25%) could not gain an erection for measurement. At 300 effective measurements, this study is twice the size of any previous study that uses medical staff to measure penis size. This method is more accurate and reliable than studies where volunteers undertake self-measurement / reporting.


The average erect penis length was 5.877 inches (14.928cm).

Standard deviation was 0.825 inches (2.096cm) with 54% of the effective sample measuring between 5.5 inches (14cm) and 6.3 inches (16cm).


The average erect penis girth was 4.972 inches (12.63cm).

Standard deviation was 0.508 inches (1.29cm) or with 53.33% of the effective sample measuring between 4.725 inches (12cm) and 5.118 inches (13cm).


There have been previous research studies on this subject, but they have all had shortcomings that produced unreliable data making the results doubtful, at best.

Survey Name Av. Length Av. Girth Research flaws
Kinsey Institute for Sex Report 6.2 inches 4.8 inches Self-measurement process. Limited to Caucasian males 6.4 inches 5.0 inches Self-measurement process. Anonymous via Internet.
Durex Internet Survey 6.4 inches 5.2 inches Self-measurement process. Anonymous via Internet.
California U. (S.F) 5.1 inches 4.9 inches Only measured 60 men.
Brazilian Urologist 5.7 inches 4.7 inches Only measured 150 men


It is fair to say that in all cases, where medical staff has measured erect penis size, the average length has been below 6 inches and in every case where the surveys rely on self-measurement and voluntary reporting the average leaps over six inches. Interestingly average girth remains around 5 inches in all surveys.

Using the figure of 5.877 inches from the LifeStyles Condoms Penis Size Survey it appears that men on average exaggerate their penis length by a quarter to a half an inch when they are permitted to measure and report their own size.

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