Average Penis Size Based on Ethnicity

Contrary to popular belief, according to a volume of research done on penis length and its relation to ethnicity entitled ‘The Kinsey Data’ (Gebhard and Johnson, editors, 1979), African American penis size while flaccid and erect did not greatly out length the average Caucasian whatsoever. In fact, the white males had an average length flaccid penis with 4.0 inches whereas the average black male’s flaccid penis member was measured at 4.3 inches.

However, when erect, the average Caucasian penis was about 6.2 inches long whereas the average erect African American penis was about 6.3 inches long. The black male’s penis was obviously measuring larger on average, but really not by that much – within .3 inches when flaccid and .1 inches when erect.

There is more to this data than it may appear however as there were actually more than 2,500 participating white male respondents in the study whereas only 59 black males participated. So really, there wasn’t a very fair comparison between the two in equal numbered data. But still, there was a sizeable enough comparison to at least make for a somewhat interesting debate. It’s incredibly surprising that no one has really went in-depth with this study in recent years as we certainly have all of the technology, tools, and media to get the research out to the masses once we got the information.

Alas, we may be stuck with a largely accepted notion that African Americans usually have longer penises than Caucasians do. Not warranting much of a mention because there hasn’t been nearly as much information is Oriental men’s penis sizes. However, social dogma has labeled the majority of Asians with “small penises” because there hasn’t really been much proof otherwise.

There will always be exceptions to the ethnicity rule just as there is exceptions to anything else in research data analysis. What’s important is to only stick to documented pieces of information or documented studies on certain research topics. There may not be as many as we’d like, but the ones that are out there are about as invaluable when it comes to raw data as you can get – if only because there’s really not that much data out there unfortunately. At least, not a lot of well-documented and respectful, sourced pieces of information that can be taken as word of truth and not with a grain of salt.

Recently, there was actually a corroborated effort to obtain the average penis size in flaccidity and erection size in 15 major countries throughout the world. The United States averaged 3.4 inches for a flaccid penis and 5 inches even for an erect penis:

Average Penis Size Throughout the World

Despite the fact that not every country managed to get both the average flaccidity and the average erection, it was still very in-depth and was a great cooperation project among the many countries and doctors/researchers that took part in it. It is not known if there was a certain sample size of citizens to use to get an average, however it is assumed based on mutual cooperation that there were some kind of research guidelines set at the beginning of the project.

Average Penis Size

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