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Most men are so concerned about the length of their penis that they often overlook or forget about other equally as important aspects of their penis. The ‘girth’ of the penis is the measurement AROUND the thickest part of the organ. Research has shown that women prefer a larger girth much more than a longer penis. This is why the girth might be the most important thing about your penis instead of its length. There’s still hope yet!

The average vaginal canal is roughly 4 inches deep and women feel 90% of their sensation within the first couple of inches. Because of this reason the length really does not matter AS much since the first couple of inches is more than enough to pleasure the vast majority of women. However, the nerve endings are inside the vaginal wall which means that the thicker the penis is, the more it can stimulate the vagina. As we all know, this is a GOOD thing.

So, how exactly does one measure their penis girth properly? Your penis must be completely erect and it must ALSO be parallel to the floor. You should have a tape measure and you can wrap it around the thickest part of the penis. Be careful not to pull the measure too hard as it might give the wrong measurement in addition to hurting your penis. Some researchers have even created an alternate method of measuring the penises girth. They take the average circumference of the base of the penis as well as the base of the head.

There have been few studies done that studied the average size of penis length and girth. The average length of the penis is usually between 5 and 6 inches and the Kinsey Institute study stated that the average erect penis was found to be about 4.85 inches. Studies of the girth of the penis as well as the size of the penis done in surveys are often misleading as men tend to overstate or improperly measure their size.

Another study was done by Lifestyles Condoms in Cancun Mexico. They measured over 300 volunteers over 18 years old and found that the average size of the erect girth is about 4.97 inches. The middle 50% measured between 4.72 inches and 5.11 inches in penis girth. This is one of the most accurate and respected studies of average penis girth because it eliminated dishonesty and was done under a clinical setting.

Another study was done by Durex Condoms which found out that the average girth was actually just under 5.2 inches. This was an International study that was measured over 3,000 men in 27 different countries. This study is one of the most extensive studies ever done on penis girth measurement.

A healthy lifestyle can increase the girth of your penis as shown through research. The blood flows into the penis to increase the size and an unhealthy diet or too much fatty foods might restrict blood flow, thereby causing you to have a less than ideal sized penis. There are also natural exercises that can be done to increase your girth. The best thing to remember is that both the length of the penis AND the girth of the penis can increase pleasure in your partner, but SO can affection and the unbridled passion the two of you may share.

Average Penis Size

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